Tuck box

CHAO Vermilion Red Ed. Playing Cards

Product code: CHAO Red Deck


  • Limited production run of 12000 (while stocks last)
  • Supreme quality playing cards
  • Vermilion red back
  • M32 Linen air finish with special varnish for great handling
  • Gold stamped and embossed tuck box
  • 55 cards (52 cards plus 2 jokers plus an MPC card)
  • Box cellowrapped


The CHAO playing cards is designed and manufactured by MPC using a very unique combination of card stock and brand new varnish for unparalleled smoothness and handling. The design illustration features key historical figures from Ancient China. The tuck box uses a special dyed material and is gold foil stamped and embossed. First made available on Kickstarter. See the project here.

Buy 1 for $13.00. Contact us for bulk purchase.

Customization Needs?

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