Tuck box

CHAO Jade Green Ed. Half Brick (6 decks)

Product code: Half Green Brick Box


  • Supreme quality playing cards
  • Jade Green back
  • M32 Linen air finish with special varnish for great handling
  • Gold stamped and embossed tuck box
  • 55 cards (52 cards plus 2 jokers plus an MPC card)
  • Box cellowrapped
  • Half brick box plus 6 decks


The Chao playing cards represents the History of China. This very special and unique deck of cards pays tribute to four of the greatest and most recognized dynasties in Chinese history – Han, Tang, Ming and Qing. Each dynasty has an outstanding and reputable Emperor, Empress and General, each with their own notorious traits and fascinating stories. The Chao depict these influential men and women that were renowned and celebrated from each of the four famous dynasties. First made available on Kickstarter. See the project here.

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